Contact The Riverfront Blues Festival

Use the contact information below for anything you need. Our staff will get back to you ASAP regarding your questions!
Please call (406) 291-0185 if you would like to become a sponsor.

Booking Contact for the Riverfront Blues Festival

Use this contact if you are a band or agent interested in having your band play at the Riverfront Blues Festival

Jonét Joie Moreau
(406) 291-0185

Director of the Riverfront Blues Festival

General questions from bands, agents or advertisers are always welcome.

Jonét Joie Moreau
(406) 291-0185

Artist Submissions

Artist submissions for the Riverfront Blues Festival are accepted in December through February by mail or email.
For more information or to mail submissions please contact:

Jonét Joie Moreau
P.O. Box 677
Libby, MT 59923
(406) 291-0185

Get Your Tickets!

Make sure you reserve a place and save money by purchasing your tickets ahead of time. Tickets can be easily purchased online or at a local retailer!