Riverfront Blues Bands 2021

Meet the Riverfront Blues Festival 2021 Bands!

One big day of top-notch entertainment! World class musicians representing a range of blues styles will be strutting their stuff in one of the most beautiful waterfront settings in the country!


  • 1:00 pm-3:00 pm: Kerri Lick & the Good Kids
  • 3:00 pm-5:00 pm: Sweetgrass Blues Band
  • 5:00 pm-7:00 pm: Jay Snow & the ToneKeepers
  • 7:00 pm-9:00 pm: Kara Grainger
  • 9:00 pm-11:00 pm: Hector Anchondo
  • 11:00 pm-1:00 am: ALL-STAR JAM


2021 Performers

1:00PM-3:00PM: Kerri Lick & the Good Kids

Kerri Lick and the Good Kids

Americana/blues/soul/there ain’t a label for it magic music waves from my lips to you ears!
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3:00PM-5:00PM: Sweetgrass Blues Band

Sweetgrass Blues Band

Formed in 2011, Sweetgrass Blues Band is an electric blues band based in Helena, Montana. Founded by lead guitarist and vocalist, Mark Dixon, the band has evolved and grown over the years. Through hard work, steady rehearsals and a regular schedule of live shows we have crafted our current sound featuring high energy blues standards, classic rock covers and lots of original material that we are proud to play for audiences in central Montana.​

High energy, danceable blues and rock tunes are the signature sound of Sweetgrass Blues Band. Ballads and slow blues tunes are used to bring variety to our sets and lets us explore other sound textures. Influences include, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Hendrix, Van Morrison, Allman Brothers, B.B. King and Buddy Guy. Longer jazz influenced jams or Motown style- straight ahead rhythm and blues are all possibilities when the band gets going.

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5:00PM-7:00PM: Jay Snow and the ToneKeepers

Jay Snow and the ToneKeepers

Jay Snow and the ToneKeepers is a local blues band that preforms blues in its raw electrified form! As lead singer and guitarist Jay Snow was born right here in Lincoln County. Coming from a simple background he was thrown into his musical career starting with his first performance at age 15 in Little Joe’s Bar. From there he has preformed and sat in with the ranks of Joey Fender and the 55’s, Big Bill Morganfeild, Phillip Walker and played slide guitar for T-bone Pruitt.

The ToneKeepers is made up from other local talent! Ryan  Ehrlich, the bassist, has played all over the Pacific Northwest. He has taken lesson from Santana’s first bass player Thom Rutley. The trio is completed with John Auge as the drummer. John comes to us from Libby, Mt with over 30 years experience on the drums.
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7:00PM-9:00PM: Kara Grainger

Kara Grainger

Around one year ago, Kara headed to Wire studios in Austin, Texas to record “Living With Your Ghost”. The album was co-produced by Grammy award winner Anders Osborne, who also lends his soulful guitar and vocals to the project. The album was engineered by Stuart Sullivan, also a Grammy award winner, and the band included Ivan Neville on keys, The Texas Horns, J.J. Johnson on drums, and Dave Monsey on bass.

The new album is a rich gumbo of different emotions and musical influences. There’s plenty of reflection on the past, and a yearning for people that have come and gone; this is evident in the title track, “Living With Your Ghost”, and the song “Nowhere to be Found”. “Working My Way Back Home” highlights Kara’s blues roots while showcasing her raw and gutsy approach to slide guitar. Songs like “Groove Train” and “You’re in New Orleans” showcase Kara’s powerful vocals and bring us the hypnotic rhythm and a funky blues sound which is always greatly satisfying in any work by Grainger.
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9:00PM-11:00PM: Hector Anchondo

Hector Anchondo

Hector’s blues is influenced by Hendrix, Stevie Ray, Clapton, & Cash and features searing guitar and passionate vocals.

His passion for music was acquired early in life, and drove every decision he made from then on. Growing up on a Missouri farm, Anchondo soaked up roots music, Latino music, bluegrass and old blues.

In his hometown of Omaha he developed a following. And then came his chart-topping album Roll the Dice in 2017, awards and successes in 2018, and his 2020 IBC win in two categories. That 2020 IBC win is a testament to his rapidly growing recognition and popularity. With a new album on the way and his tour base constantly expanding, new audiences all over the world will get a chance to experience the smooth smoky voice that can make you smile even as tears fill your eyes, the audacious groove of the melodies, and the lyrical mastery of Anchondo’s guitar, telling the story of a life lived for the love of music.
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11:00PM-1:00AM: ALL-STAR JAM

Saturday will come to a smashing close you won’t want to miss from 11:00 pm to 1 am! To finish off an amazing weekend of blues and brews, members of bands from throughout the weekend will be participating in a mind-blowing All-Star Jam!
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